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Providing snake catching / relocating for the Mansfield Disctrict, including Benalla, Alexandra and Yea.

Snake Catching | Relocating
Property Inspections
Licence No 14490073-CX
Trev McDonald
Phone : 0459 55 55 34
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Tiger Snake

Commonly found in or around wetland areas, Tiger Snakes are expert swimmers and climbers. Tiger Snakes will eat most small vertebrates they can find, but most commonly prefer frogs and fish. Tigers Snakes are not as fast as Brown Snakes but they are highly venomous (#10 in the top ten). When confronted, Tiger Snakes will put on a defensive display and may strike unexpectedly.

Eastern brown Snake

Commonly found in dry areas, Brown Snakes will eat anything from frogs to lizards to birds, but most commonly, they will feast on rodents. Brown Snakes are extremely fast and extremely venomous (#2 in the top ten) but have very small fangs. When confronted Brown Snakes are quick to retreat but will rear up in a defensive posture if they feel threatened.

Please Note : My callout fee is applicable regardless if the snake is caught or not. It is imperative that someone keeps an eye on the snake if you want it removed – they are experts at evasion. If the snake is in a building (house/shed/garage), seal off all exits to ensure it can be located and caught. In all cases, keep children and animals away from the snake.



Call out Fee - Mansfield District $120


Call out Fee - Benalla District $180


Call out Fee - Yea & Surrounds $240


Property Inspections - Mansfield District $90

Red-Bellied Black Snake 


Commonly found in or around wetland areas, Red-Bellied Black Snakes are expert swimmers. Red-Bellied Black Snakes will also eat any small vertebrates they can find, but like Tiger Snakes, prefer frogs and fish. Red-Bellied Black Snakes are in general rather placid and their venomous bite is not considered deadly although it has the capacity to make you ill for a period of time.

Highland Copperhead Snake


Only found in the cooler climates of the highlands, Highland Copperheads are the most cold tolerant of all the species in our area. Like all snakes, Highland Copperheads are opportunistic feeders but as far as I know, they don’t have a preference. They are also known to eat juvenile snakes of other species. Highland Copperheads are very elusive and are quick to retreat from humans and pets. Their venom has the same toxicity as a Tiger Snake.


What to do if your Bitten by a snake

If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by a snake, first and foremost, have someone call 000.

Remain calm.

Apply a compression bandage from the bite wound up the limb towards the heart and back down to the wound.
Wait for the ambulance.
DO NOT MOVE Movement speeds up the flow of venom in your lymph system.

0459 555 534